soulfood meets music!

A little party never killed nobody.

Music in the ears, sitting together at a table and making friends. This is probably the best feeling to end the evening perfectly. Weekly we have live music in Luke’s Wohnzimmer, combined with the colorful variety of our delicacies. Come by and experience our passion for music.

at Luke’s Wohnzimmer | from 6 pm

live music at Luke's

Luke's Wohnzimmer is your meeting place for happy evenings with best friends, family or work colleagues. Come by and enjoy our live music, as well as delicious drinks and treats.


    19.08. DJ Konfetti
    20.08. DJ Konfetti

    21.08. from 09:30 DJ Brunch
    with DJ Konfetti

    21.08. Javier Rodaro
    26.08. DJ Frezze
    27.08. MJones
    28.08. Javier Rodaro


    02.09 DJ Frezze
    03.09. MJones
    04.09. Javier Rodaro
    09.09. MJones
    11.09. Javier Rodaro
    12.09 DJ Frezze
    16.09. DJ konfetti
    17.09. MJones
    18.09. Javier Rodaro

    18.09. from 09:30 DJ Brunch
    with DJ Konfetti