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Restaurant Luke's Wohnzimmer Bad Hofgastein

Let us spoil your tastebuds- at Luke’s, we serve the most exquisite dishes for brunch, lunch and dinner. 
Eat at the bar or choose one of the sofas- the perfect way to end the day.

We go on creative
break from
18. April to 25. May.
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Freiraum
Enjoy the atmosphere in the new restaurant Luke's Wohnzimmer in Bad Hofgastein.

Luke's Wohnzimmer

Enjoy and relax together

In Luke’s Wohnzimmer, the new restaurant in Gastein, the name really says it all: the big dinner tables offer a space to form new friendships with fellow guests, the cosy lounges invite you to spend quality time together, the bar is a space to think and talk about life- all of this with the scent of the delicious dishes from our open kitchen in the air- Everyone finds a space to enjoy here.

Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Freunde beim Anstoßen

in luke's Wohnzimmer

Host Christmas parties

We’ll prepare the perfect evening for you. Feast on our 6-course surprise menu in Luke’s style for 35 €/person. Complete your party with a sparkling aperitif to welcome you, cool drinks from our bar and casual DJ music – we’ll design your Christmas party just the way you want it. Just get in touch with us.


LUKE'S. Local, Unusual, Kitchen, Extravagant, Schmankerl.

A wide variety of regional, seasonal, and fresh dishes. Small bites to try and enjoy. At LUKE’S you find the right dish for anytime of the day- soups, a bowl or wrap for lunch, something sweet in the afternoon, or a steak, freshly prepared in our open kitchen. 
The dishes at LUKE’S are a reflection of our passion for cooking, for local produce, production and producers which we know and value. You will also find creative dishes and a variations of the local cuisine.

Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Gegrilltes Filet vom Seesaibling

Our Menu

Try something new and rediscover something good. At LUKE’S, we focus on variety and culinary enjoyment. 
Therefore, our culinary concept offers you the opportunity to taste and share a variety of small tapas style dishes. We value seasonal, regional and sustainable produce. Hence, our menu varies from day to day. This makes sure that you’ll always have a surprise waiting for you when you come and visit LUKE’S.

Take a look at our culinary variety

Bread Pit
Homemade Bread, fresh farm- butter & frozen, herb infused olive oil

Filled Melanzani
With walnuts

With spinach-garlic mayonnaise

Vegan Chicken Wings
With homemade BBQ- Sauce

Romain Lettuce Hearts
Caesar-Dressing, regional cheese and grilled beef

Vegan Tuna-Sushi

Tuna Salad
With grilled watermelon

Creamy Polenta
With baked mountain cheese

Sweet-potato Wedges
With homemade ketchup & mayonnaise


Tartar of Pinzgauer Beef

Gold- trout Sashimi
from Bayrhammer fishery in Oberalm
Horseradish mousse, spinach stock & sesame oil

Baked Marrow- Bone
Homemade herb-stone salt

Suvlaki of the local Duroc- Pig
From Sepp Mayer in Bischofshofen
With Zaziki

Rye- Risotto
From the organic farm Gschwendt in Bischofshofen

Grilled Seachar Filet
From the Bayrhammer fishery in Oberalm
With butternut chutney and caviar

From the Bayrhammer fishery in Oberalm
With Sellerie 2ways- creme & chips

Duroc Pork Loin
From Sepp Mayer in Bischofshofen
With thyme jus and Sauerkraut

Grilled Vegetables
From Hintermanngütl in Bad Hofgastein

Austrian Rice
From Gregor Neumeyer in Gerasdorf

Pinzgauer Beef from Gastein
Rib-Eye (from 300g)
Beiried (100g, 200g or 300g)
Tomahawk (pre order)

Pinzgauer Angus Beef from Roland Steiner in Goldegg
Rib-Eye (from around 300g)
Beiried (100g, 200g or 300g)
Tomahawk (pre order)

Wague Beef from Roland Steiner in Goldegg
Rib-Eye (from around 300g)
Beiried (100g, 200g or 300g)
Tomahawk (pre order)

The best of everything? No problem….
Filet 3ways
50g each

Duroc Pork from Sepp Mayer in Bischofshofen
Tomahawk (pre order)

Tyrolean Alpine Shrimp from the Alpinewaterfarm in Hall

With cheese, dips, bread sticks, marinated vegetables, minced meat, pulled pork, dried tomatoes

With guacamole, soured cream, tortillas, chilli con carne, spring onion, salsa and cheese

Burger of your choice
… Classic
… Pulled pork
… Pulled beef
… Vegan

All burgers come with tomato, ice berg lettuce, cucumber, homemade ketchup, red onion jam, gherkin & coleslaw

Strong beef stock of your choice
With semolina dumplings, frittatten (pancake stripes), liver dumpling & cheese dumpling

Garlic Foam Soup
With croutons and cress

Classic Beef Roulades
With Wagyu meat

Rolled Onion Roast
Filled with baconbeans, onionsauce & fried onions

Beuschel (Stew) from the old cow
With whitebread dumplings

Boiled Beef
With spinach, root vegetables & white bread horseradish


Fried Dumplings with Egg

Bacon Beans

Braised Carrots

Mixed Salad

Mixed Leaf Salad

Crème brûlée
With seasonal berries

Homemade Ice Cream 
With popped barley

Gummibears, caramelised nuts, home dried fruit & sweet popcorn

Salzburger Nockerl in the Cup
With cranberry-foam 

Apricot Dumplings

off the tray

From the maturing cabinet


Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Reifekammer mit Käse
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Weinflaschen im Saftladen
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Reifekammer mit Fleisch

OPENING TIMES AND KITCHEN HOURS Due to the current curfew, we are only open until 10pm. Daily: 7:30-22:00

Breakfast: 7:30 - 11:30
Snacks 12:00 - 15:00
Kitchen: 12:30 - 21:30
Bar until 22:00


Breakfast: 7:30 - 11:30
Snacks 12:00 - 15:00
Kitchen: 12:30 - 21:30
Bar until 00:00

Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Frau beim Einkauf in der Genusswerkstatt

Food Hall

Eat and shop fresh, local and diverse.

Our in house store- ‘Genusswerkstatt’ only stocks the best products the Gasteinertal has to offer- Meat and cheese from the curing cabinet, fresh farm eggs and milk, homemade jam and honey and local schnapps and wines.


A good morning starts with a good breakfast.

Our varied, market style breakfast buffet caters to everyones needs and wants- if young or old, meat lover, vegetarian, cheese lover or vegan. 
Enjoy the selection of fresh, regional and seasonal products and start your day with a balanced Sendlhofer’s breakfast.

Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Frühstück
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Frühstück Getränke
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Koch beim Kräuter abschneiden
Sendlhofers Bad Hofgastein Kaffeepulver und Kaffeetasse