Fun times at Spiegelsee

Children's festival at Spiegelsee

A very special date in our event calendar is the annual children’s festival at Spiegelsee. From animation to dexterity to a creative program, there is everything for the kids. Spend an exciting and fun day at over 1800 meters!

July, 30th 2023


Whether it's face painting, competitions, games of skill or painting silo bales, you'll find plenty on offer at this festival. On top, each child will receive a surprise and a certificate for participating in the 2023 Children's Festival.


  • Sunday, July 30th 2023
  • From 10:00 – 15:00
  • Games, fun and adventure
  • Program for the whole family
  • Free participation
  • Creating memories at the mirror lake in the Gastein Valley

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